A History of Excellence


 Goslin Nix Equestrian Center was founded by Jennifer Goslin and her mother Gwen Nix, who originally started the Philips School of Riding in the late 50's and has passed on her knowledge to Jennifer.  Goslin Nix's success over the years is largely due to the quality and experience of its skilled instructors.

Each instructor also has a deep understanding of horse psychology and an in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy and how it interacts with the movement of the horse. They are trained to assist students in developing the skills necessary to effectively communicate with a horse.

Regardless of the riding discipline a student chooses to explore, Goslin Nix Equestrian Center makes it a priority to instill a solid foundation of riding basics within them. This is because our instructors know that horseback riding also empowers many personal skills, including responsibility, self-esteem, judgment and self-reliance, allowing them to foster an "I can do it!" attitude. 


Jennifer Goslin

Jennifer has been working with horses almost as long as she has been able to walk. Jennifer Goslin has followed in her mother Gwen Nix's footstep and has a well based knowledge in teaching students the fundamentals of riding


Gwen Nix

With over 50 years of knowledge in the Equestrian Industry. Gwen Nix has carried on her passion and knowledge to all the riders here at GNEC